A renowned heritage

Sister company of the Salty Snacks Leader CEREALIS

As a sister company of the salty snacks leader Cerealis, Bolerio came about with the purpose to bring to market quality cakes at access prices. Our cakes are moist, silky and, rich and yet remain super competitive.

Superior Quality!

Quality Guaranties

In order to ensure the production of the best quality products, Bolerio has equiped itself with the most modern fully automated production lines. Furthemore, it regularly contracts with the highly praised international food technologists to help develop its new products and provide training to its technical teams. Of course, attentive quality control is also a central part of our operations.

Diverse and innovative

Tailored for pleasure!

Diverse, innovative, and beautifully packed, our range of products tentalizes your apetite. Both young and adults can indulge in our moist, silky cakes, and find pleasure in taking a sweet snack break.

More than ever

Growing strong

Backed by one of the best distribution platforms in Tunisia, present across all regions and across all channels of distribution, Bolerio not only stands strong in its local market, but is also growing quickly in international markets – in particular in Africa and the Middle East.